Software Development has lost its credibility with the advent of big companies coming up with standard products which can cater to almost all the needs arising in any business. Also small companies have not shown enough guts to develop their own software products or develop customised softwares for other businesses.

We can not blame it just to software companies, it is also a responsibility of businesses who instead of going for proper software development has started relying on products which were catering to their 60% needs.

Recently Software development has again started gaining popularity with new technologies or terms like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IOT has come into picture.

Webpoint Technologies has made its presence in Software development across the world by taking a bold step to go and build our own product in Waste Management industry.
Being a startup it was difficult for us to build and end to end software product or go into software development. What we did that we started finding out businesses in different domains and started releasing software development products as a service and in turn we got enough functional knowledge from them.
So basically it was a win win situation on both side. From Webpoint Technologies perspective, we got knowledge to build the platform for businesses and for businesses it was very cheap to afford it.

This journey was not that easy in the start but now we have made enough presence across different part of the countries like USA, Australia, Asia Pacific, and Europe. We are still continuing on the same line with our Waste Management ERP is on stable lines now. The products which are still under progress or almost near to stabilisation are in Modular Kitchen Business and Customer Relationship Management. Most of our product lines are Online Exam, E-Commerce portal and websites, Modular Kitchen, Production and Manufacturing Units, Trophy Manufacturing, Hospital Management, Transport Management and others.